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5 Day Yoga and Healing Retreat - Mykonos

Ornos, Greece
Mitsimotto DG
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  • Minimum no. of participants


  • Suitable for

    All levels

  • Accommodation


  • Length of retreat

    4 nights

  • Meals included

    Dinner, Lunch

  • Capacity

    up to 10 persons

  • Main instructor language


    Instructors also speak


About retreat

Yuj in Sanskrit means “to unite.” It’s the origin of the word yoga: a physical, mental and spiritual practice.

“Yuj Healing” is a boutique yoga and healing retreat, a place where you can study tools and practices to empower your mind, body and soul - finding healing through yoga.

Join us on Mykonos Island on a passage of realisation and growth. Breathe and reconnect with nature, slow down that fast pace, decompress from city life and remind yourself about simple healthy habits.

A truly restorative journey of healing through yoga, suitable for all levels.

Why Yuj Healing Stands Out: Imagine the serenity of dwelling beside the sea, engaging in yoga, breathwork, and meditation, all while feasting your eyes on the azure expanse of the Aegean waters. The retreat's ambience, painted in nature's hues and aromas, is an invitation to dream, relax, and discover your inner calm.

Yuj Healing is not just a retreat, but a journey. Grounded in the 8-limbed philosophy of Yoga from Patanjali's sutras, we delve deep into an array of healing practices daily. From mastering meditation and breathwork, aligning postures, and indulging in restorative yoga, to experiencing the transformative power of reiki, we guide you through holistic techniques. These aren't just practices; they're essential life tools, often overshadowed in our bustling modern lives. Here, we reintroduce them, empowering you for a harmonious life.

Benefits and Reasons to Choose This Retreat:

Reconnection: Rediscover yourself after an extended period of disconnection.
Rejuvenation: Unwind, recharge, and revitalize your spirit.
Learning Opportunity: Embrace a new and enriching practice, different from your usual routine.
Focused Self-Care: Nestle in a haven designed for undistracted self-care.
Tranquillity: Immerse in peace and silence, rejuvenating both mind and body.
Natural Escape: The perfect locale to detach, surrounded by nature's beauty.
Unplug: Get a rare opportunity to disconnect from everyday life.
Holistic Living: Step away from urban chaos and reintegrate healthy habits for your mind and body.

Retreat activity


- Ashtanga Yoga
- Vinyasa Yoga
- Restorative Yoga
- Yin Yoga

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Suitable for activity

- Ashtanga Yoga
- Vinyasa Yoga
- Restorative Yoga
- Yin Yoga


Mindfulness, Guided Meditation, Visualization Meditation, Silent Meditation

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Suitable for activity

Mindfulness, Guided Meditation, Visualization Meditation, Silent Meditation


- Sound Bath - Cacao Ceremony - Breathwork - Reiki (extra charge)

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Suitable for activity

- Sound Bath
- Cacao Ceremony
- Breathwork
- Reiki (extra charge)


Every day will begin with an hour of Pranayama and Meditation, followed by an hour of Vinyasa flow practice.

After the morning sessions, you will get to cool down and gather around the table for a delightful brunch and then spend the afternoon relaxing on one of the numerous turquoise water beaches of the island, wandering around the picturesque Mykonian old town, admiring some of the finest examples of Cycladic architecture, or even take a 2min walk to our beach bellow.

In the Evenings, you will get to experience our various daily workshops and ceremonies, like: Restorative styles of yoga, Yin yoga, Sun salutation workshop, Alignment of yoga posture, Arm balancing, Healing practices, Reiki and our Cacao closing ceremony of course!

Our daily family dinner is served following the workshop and the late evening is free to relax, read, process or rest before you go to bed.

Retreat programme

08:30 Breathwork and meditation
09:30 Morning Vinyasa
11:00 Family brunch
12:00 Free time
18:15 Evening workshops and Restorative Yin
19:30 Family dinner

Instructors and Staff



Dimitris, aka Mitsimotto, is a yogi and healing practitioner.

He started off his career as an architect based in London, managing high-value development projects in France, Netherlands, Germany, and Brussels among others. In addition, he taught Architecture and Urban Design at the Architectural Association of London.

At the peak of his professional career, a trip to Bali turned out to be a turning point in his life.

Following the completion of his Yoga Teacher training course, certified by Yoga Alliance, he was offered a position at the school to join the team as a teacher.

He taught Pranayama, Vinyasa, Yin, and Alignment of Asana.

Most importantly, he shared his ability of understanding, connecting, guiding, and empowering the students during their journey which inspired Mitsimotto to further develop his skills and become a certified Life Coach.

He is currently based between Bali, the Caribbean, and the Greek Islands, organizing Yoga training courses and retreats.

Mitsimotto trusts that through structured guidance and the use of correct tools one can find their life purpose which eventually can shape decisions, impact behaviors, achieve goals, and offer a sense of meaning and direction.




Estrela was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and has been a Yogini since 2004. In a search for her true self, she left all behind and departed with a backpack to explore the world. Throughout the time, she has been experiencing and learning several modalities of Meditation, Conscious Movement, Bodywork, Plant Medicines, Reiki and ultimately found a deep meaning within Breathwork. Estrela has five years of experience in co-managing and facilitating healing sessions in south of Portugal and since 2020 she has been living in Greece, deepening her practice with the Breath, Yoga and Macrobiotic Lifestyle.


The retreat is located in one of the most distinct areas of Mykonos island, in a serene landscape with unobstructed clear blue sky views, overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Cycladic Islands of Delos, Paros, and Naxos. The retreat's private beach, just a two-minute walk through a stone path, is shared between our complex and the well-known Santa Marina Resort.

Mykonos is the ultimate gem of the Aegean Sea and one of the most popular island destinations in Greece. A perfect combination of blue Aegean waters and a true celebration of life, holiday, and gastronomy. Discover the beauty of the Greek island life through sunny beach bathing, mesmerizing sunsets, and nature’s simplicity.

The architectural language of the Cycladic island complex consists of a harmonious mix of white houses, cobblestone streets, iconic island traditional windmills, and crystal blue waters.

Walking around the island you will find freshly baked bread from family-owned bakeries and a plethora of garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. There are numerous must-visit traditional and modern restaurants around as the island is very famous for its strong gastronomy.

Living by the sea, whilst practicing Yoga overlooking the view of the Aegean blue waters. The colors smell and light is the protagonists of this setup, allowing you to dream, relax and find your inner tranquillity.

We are located right at the beachfront of Agios Lazaros neighborhood, only 10 minutes’ drive from the airport, port and Mykonos Town.

Ornos, Greece

How to get there

Please book your flight to arrive at Mykonos Island National Airport (JMK) or take a flight to any nearby islands like Santorini or Paros and then take a ferry to Mykonos.

Another option is to book your flight to arrive at Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos Airport) (ATH) and then either take a flight straight to Mykonos or stay in Athens to explore the city for a couple of days. Then, you can get a ferry from either Piraeus or Rafina ports from Athens to Mykonos.

Transfer from the airports or ports is available, please feel free to contact Yuj Healing.


Mykonos International Airport - 2 km

Boundless Blue Vila Mykonos


“Yuj Healing” is a boutique yoga and healing retreat, a place where you can study tools and practices to empower the mind, body, and soul – healing through yoga.

We are located right at the beachfront of Agios Lazaros neighborhood, only 10 minutes’ drive from the airport, port and Mykonos Town.

Its distinct location provides the perfect place to relax as well as to explore the island. 

Amenities and services
  • Free wifi
  • Holistic treatments
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Massages
  • Outdoor yoga deck
  • Transport services

Our retreat offers two great meals a day – a family brunch in the morning and a family dinner in the evening. Both meals are very filling with multiple options to choose from.

At the retreat, we follow a yogic diet consisting of organic, fresh, local products following delicious Greek recipes.

Included meals
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
Included drinks
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Tea
Special dietary requirements
  • Vegetarian
What is included in the price
  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Pranayama
  • Daily Meditation
  • Specialized workshops
  • Free time to explore the UNESCO heritage island of Delos
  • Free time to explore Mykonos island and its beautiful beaches
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 2 meals/day : brunch and dinner
  • Drinks: Water, coffee, tea
  • 4 nights of accommodation
  • Our retreat tote bag, along with a journal to make note of their experiences during these 5 days at Yuj healing.
What is not included in the price
  • Tours
  • Lunch
  • Cooking class
  • Flights/ferry/personal transport
  • Massage therapy
  • Other treatments and therapies
  • Reiki and healing, retreat's signature
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