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Elevate Your Retreat's Success with ZenBooking

Want to showcase your retreat to the world? Get listed on ZenBooking.com and watch the bookings flood in. Click 'Register' now and let's spread your retreat's magic globally!

Partner with ZenBooking to Showcase Your Retreat to the World

Partnering with ZenBooking provides a streamlined platform to showcase your retreat to a global audience actively looking for transformational experiences. With features such as secure payments, effortless listing management, and robust customer support, you can concentrate on delivering a rewarding retreat while we handle the bookings and marketing for you.
Global Reach
Partnering with ZenBooking exposes your retreat to a worldwide community of individuals seeking transformative experiences. Elevate your retreat's visibility and connect with potential attendees from different corners of the globe.
Zero Upfront Costs
Listing your retreat on ZenBooking requires no initial investment. You're only charged a commission upon a confirmed booking, minimizing your financial risks.
Full Control and Adaptability
ZenBooking grants you total control over your listing. Update details such as availability, pricing, and packages at your convenience to better reflect your offering.
Secure, Easy Payments
Our platform features a secure and user-friendly payment system, providing attendees with various payment options and making the booking process a breeze.
Expert Support
Encounter an issue or need advice? Our customer support team is available to assist you in managing your listing and resolving any challenges.
Marketing and Social Media Presence
ZenBooking amplifies your retreat's visibility through targeted marketing campaigns and a strong social media presence, enhancing your reach and credibility.

How to Get Started

Register your Account
Add Your Retreat Listing
Go Live and Grow
By following these simple steps, you'll successfully get your retreat listing live and ready to capture hearts and bookings!

Your questions answered

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What Are the Costs Associated with My Listing?

Listing your Retreat on ZenBooking is absolutely free! We charge a maximum booking commission of 10% on confirmed bookings. However, there are several scenarios where you might pay a lower commission or none at all:

1. If you book the venue for your next retreat through ZenBooking.com, you'll enjoy 0% booking fees on your retreat listing. Let us market your retreat for free!

2. Incorporate a ZenBooking link into your website, either directly to your listing or as a mention of us as your preferred partner, and we'll reduce your commission fees by 50%

3. Mention ZenBooking in your blog article or refer to your listing with an embed link to our site for a 25% discount. We're ready to contribute content or co-write the piece with you.

4. For each new partner (venue host or retreat organiser) you introduce to us, we'll decrease your commission by 10%.

5. If you're a multi-tasker running both the venue and retreats, reach out to us. You could qualify for up to a 50% reduction in booking commissions for both your retreat and venue.

6. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive special offers and partnerships that could further reduce your booking commissions.
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How Can I Qualify for 0% Booking Fees and a Free Listing?

We're passionate about fostering a community that empowers personal transformation through retreats. That's why we're committed to helping you promote and fill your retreat with as little cost as possible.

1. When you book a venue for your next retreat through ZenBooking, we offer you a free listing and waive all booking fees. Our platform allows you to search for the perfect venue based on location, capacity, and availability. You can also communicate directly with venue hosts via our secure messaging system to discuss details and request customised offers. Isn't it great? You can get inspired by browsing through our retreat venue collection here (https://www.zenbooking.com/venues/).

2. There are also other methods to reduce your commission. Combine the various discount options mentioned in "What Are the Costs Associated with My Listing?" to enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 100% on your booking commission.
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How and When Do I Receive Payments for My Bookings?

We utilise Stripe for all our transactions, offering an additional layer of security for both retreat organisers and clients. As we don't hold payments in escrow, this ensures minimal delays and streamlines your cash flow. You'll be prompted to connect an existing Stripe account or create a new one within the listing billing section during your listing creation process. This Stripe account, which is free to open and has no monthly fees, is your gateway to receiving online payments promptly after each booking. Please note that Stripe's transaction fees are separate from our commission and typically range from 1.5% to 3%, varying by country.
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Is My Country Supported by Stripe?

Before listing your retreat, please verify if your country is supported by Stripe. We are unable to accept listings from businesses that cannot connect to a Stripe account. You can find the list of supported countries here (https://stripe.com/global). We are actively exploring alternative payment options for countries not currently supported by Stripe.
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How Flexible is My Listing?

You maintain complete control. You can adjust availability, update pricing, and make other changes at any time. We aim to give you the freedom and flexibility to manage your listing your way.
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How Do I Manage Inquiries for My Listing?

When potential clients have questions or express interest in your listing, they'll reach out to you via our secure messaging system. You'll receive email notifications for each new message. For security and support purposes, it's essential to keep all communication within our platform's messaging system. Please be aware that sharing email addresses or URLs directly with clients violates our platform rules.
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Who Can Partner with ZenBooking and List the Retreats?

We warmly invite retreat organisers to showcase their offerings on ZenBooking. Our platform retreats span a multitude of activities, from yoga to personal growth and skill development. To be a part of our community, there are specific guidelines you should meet:

1. You should be an experienced retreat leader capable of delivering an experience in line with your retreat listing.

-Ensure timely communication of any modifications or updates to the program.

-Regularly update the availability of your listing package.

-Familiarise yourself with our platform guidelines and terms and conditions.

2. You must be from a country supported by Stripe (see "Is My Country Supported by Stripe?" for details). Stripe serves as our global payment processor and includes tools for verifying businesses or individuals, which helps us prevent fraudulent activities on our platform.

3. Your listing on ZenBooking should have consistent pricing with other platforms where you list your retreat, as well as your own website.

4. We ask for your cooperation in adhering to our platform rules. This includes keeping all client communications within the ZenBooking interface and refraining from sharing URLs of other websites.

We invest significantly in promoting your listing to help grow your business, so your cooperation in these matters is highly appreciated.
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Check out our "How It Works" section or explore our FAQs specifically designed for Retreat Organisers and Venue Hosts .
Are you also a retreat venue host? Learn more about how to list your venue and increase your bookings.

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