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Irish Retreat Sanctuary

Co. Mayo, Ireland
  • Privacy of guest


  • Bedrooms

    10 bedrooms

  • Type

    Retreat resort / centre | Eco-resort / property | Farm

  • Bathrooms

    6 bathrooms

  • Capacity

    up to 14 persons

  • Minimum stay

    3 night

About venue

Irish Retreat Sanctuary is tucked away within a very safe and intimate setting protected by Mother Nature.   Within the grounds of Irish Retreat Sanctuary, we can comfortably host 14 people staying with us. 

Connect with Earth.

Irish Retreat Sanctuary is all about re-connecting to Earth. Our floor coverings are entirely plant based throughout the house and in the hermitages. All of the bedrooms are corn silk and flax carpets with cork and linseed coverings everywhere else. Entirely natural under your bare feet.

Irish Retreat Sanctuary and its surrounding areas including roads, pathways and gardens are also built from all natural earth elements. Such as granite, quartz, timber, grass, soil and water. Which is bliss for the souls of your feet.

The Heart Room, Yoga and Meditation.

Our Yoga and Meditation space is in our Heart Room which is on the south side of the house and overlooks a superb view of Ireland’s Holy Mountain, Croagh Patrick.  The room at 120m2 is purposely designed for yoga and meditation with panoramic windows and 2 sliding doors at each end. This allows lots of fresh air to circulate when required.

The energy created within this room is simply amazing and the acoustic properties are perfect for “Sound Healing Bath” sessions.

Experience the transformative energy of the Heart Room at Irish Retreat Sanctuary. Adorned with a captivating pendant crafted from copper, Yew tree, and powerful crystals, it symbolizes the sacred union of Spirit and Body. Nestled within the hexagonal light well, the pendant radiates its energy throughout the space, seamlessly blending with the house's earth grid system. The meticulously crafted light well, shaped as a hexagon and aligned to the North and South polarity, embodies sacred geometry, creating a harmonious environment. This integrated earth grid envelops the Irish Retreat Sanctuary, balancing its magnetic energy field in a 360-degree radius. As you walk barefoot and connected to the Earth, you are shielded from external electromagnetic frequencies, allowing for accelerated healing and a profound sense of well-being.

The pendant is formed in the shape of a Merkaba, a very powerful symbol which represents the sacred union of Spirit and Body. Mer- Ka- Ba. (Mer means Light), (Ka means Spirit) and (Ba means Body), and it sits perfectly in its new home in the center of the hexagon light well in our Heart Room.

Earthing & Grounding

Irish Retreat Sanctuary provides a full Barefoot and grounding experience for your body through the “souls” of your feet.  We have taken a lot of time and care in deciding upon which materials to source from around the Earth, for use throughout the house, ensuring they are the best for connecting your body to the ground.
On top of this or should we say under this we have also something very unique and quite special. The entire building has been given additional earthing using a 6mm pure copper earthing cable. This has been carefully placed in a 600mm x 600mm grid system across the entire floor area.  The earthing grid has specifically been placed above the underfloor heating and insulation but directly below our natural flooring. We have aligned the Irish Retreat Sanctuary house with Mother Earth’s natural magnetic field which is to true North and South Poles.

In order to achieve the maximum grounding effect, we have constructed 4 number earthing pits outside the walls of the house. These pits are also magnetically aligned with the true North, south, East and West of the house. Each one of the pits has 40 meters of pure copper cable laid in a raising coil from 2.5 meters deep up to the surface in the shape of a cone before it enters the building.

This gives Irish Retreat Sanctuary four very powerful uniquely placed earthing points in a cross orientation, North, East, South and West. These four earthing pits enter the house and connect to the copper grid in the floors.

At the same entry points where the four of the copper earths come into the house, we have taken the copper cable up to the wall plate of the roof. A full ring of copper has been placed around the whole roof perimeter at the ridge plate level. It then continues to coil around the outside of our hexagon Light well within our Meditation and yoga space which is known as our Heart Room.

To protect this now very natural environment and energy field, the entire of Irish Retreat Sanctuary is electronic device, Wi-Fi, phones, TVs and radios free. Any of the above distort and injure the balanced natural flow of the protective energy field.    

Bees and Hives

Irish Retreat Sanctuary has her own Bees and Hives, approximately 360,000 working bees which all work collectively to produce our own Honey. We only take the surplus honey and leave our bees with their own food for the winter. Our bees collect the pollen and natural medicines from the plants and flowers within and outside our gardens. We have planted over 30 different species of wild flowers in two large areas designated just for the bees. They also help pollenate all of our organically grown fruits and vegetables in the gardens and tunnels. The flowers within our gardens have been hand planted with love for all those who will have our own honey as medicine whilst staying with us.  within the near future we will be hosting bee keeping courses for the whole family both children and adults.  We aim to teach others how important the bees are in the world around us.

Our Veg Garden
We have a fully organic vegetable garden filled with all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Irish Retreat Sanctuary is a fully working house and those staying with us are encouraged to participate within the gardens    while learning the skills to organic growing. Those also staying within us in Irish Retreat Sanctuary get to eat our own produce. All our plants are grown from seed, planted with love and cared for mindfully. Each person is given space to plant, nurture, harvest, wash, prepare and also cook this delicious food mindfully.  We also harvest all of our own seeds which allows us to continually grow our crops each year.  Our large poly tunnel and glass house help us to ensure we have vegetables for extended periods of the seasons.

Sauna & Ice Baths
Irish Retreat Sanctuary has a large authentic and fully traditional Finnish Hut Sauna with its own inside Grill House and outside Ice Baths. The sauna is log burning and can easy fit up to 8 people with plenty of space. You can enjoy a sauna then step out into our purposely built Ice Baths which are set into the outside decking.  The full experience of a sauna and ice baths is a must followed by a cool down rest in the grill house, drinking water from our very own well and sipping on cleansing herbal teas grown in our own gardens.


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30 persons


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About accomodation

Irish Retreat Sanctuary has four twin bedrooms within the house with their own bathrooms. Two of our in-house bedrooms have very humble pebble-floor shower rooms adjoining.

Outside in the peace gardens beside our pond and Zen rockery waterfalls, we have our wonderful Oak Barn Hermitages, six bedrooms, all singles and exclusively private to you. These again are beautifully restored rooms that have a monastic living feel to them created to support those looking for deeper inner healing work through safe solitude. These are separate from the main house but are just ten mindful barefoot steps away. The showers and toilets are in the main house.


Bedroom 1

4 rooms like this

Single bed (1 person)
Bedroom 2

6 rooms like this

Single bed (1 person)

Irish Retreat Sanctuary, located close to Westport in County Mayo, Ireland, is a serene and picturesque destination. Nestled between the stunning Croagh Patrick mountain and the scenic Clew Bay, Irish Retreat Sanctuary benefits from breathtaking natural surroundings that captivate visitors. The area is renowned for its rugged mountains, rolling hills, tranquil lakes, and stunning coastline, offering picturesque landscapes at every turn.

Croagh Patrick, a sacred mountain steeped in history and spirituality, stands proudly nearby. It is a popular pilgrimage site, attracting thousands of climbers each year, especially on Reek Sunday, the last Sunday in July. The mountain holds a deep cultural significance and offers a challenging yet rewarding experience for those who embark on its slopes.

Clew Bay, with its panoramic views, adds to the allure of Irish Retreat Sanctuary. Dotted with numerous small islands, the bay provides a haven for boating, sailing, and water sports enthusiasts. Exploring the islands, such as Clare Island or Inishturk, not only showcases the area's rich history but also reveals the natural wonders that abound.

In this idyllic setting, visitors to Irish Retreat Sanctuary can immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty, embark on adventurous hikes up Croagh Patrick, and indulge in water activities along the captivating Clew Bay. The combination of the area's natural wonders, cultural significance, and warm hospitality make Irish Retreat Sanctuary an unforgettable destination for those seeking both tranquillity and adventure.

Co. Mayo, Ireland

How to get there

Arrive to local Knock or international Dublin airport.


Knock - 57 km
Dublin - 260 km

Amenities and services
  • Yoga studio
  • Garden
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Parking
  • Holistic treatments
  • Sauna
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Outdoor exercise possibilities
  • Dishwasher
  • Linen & towels provided
  • Catering services
  • Cooking
  • Meditation room
Meals & boarding possibilities

During your stay, you'll enjoy the convenience of having three meals included in the price. We take pride in pampering our guests with homemade bread and fresh vegetables sourced from our own garden. Rest assured, we cater to various dietary preferences and requirements. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental care is evident throughout the retreat. We prioritize the consumption of homegrown, organic food, which is reflected in our organic vegetable polytunnels and gardens, contented chickens producing healthy eggs, and thriving bees producing high-quality honey.

  • Full board
  • Standard / Local / Traditional
  • Organic
  • Breakfast
  • Vegan
  • Detox meals
  • Vegetarian
  • Special dietary needs catered for
What IS included in the price
  • Accommodation
  • Full Board
What IS NOT included in the price
  • Transport
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Cancelation policy

Guests will incur a fee 20% if they cancel their booking 10 days before check-in

Guests will incur a fee 100% if they cancel their booking 9 days before check-in

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